Metallica Minerals Ltd

Metallica Minerals Limited (ASX: MLM) is an Australian zircon-rutile, bauxite and nickel-cobalt and scandium resource development and exploration company.

The company has two main project interests. The Cape York Heavy Mineral Sand and Bauxite Project is located on the west coast of Queensland’s Cape York, and will be held 50% by Metallica Minerals’ wholly owned subsidiary, Oresome Australia Pty Ltd, with a 50% interest being earnt by a private Chinese investor, Ozore Pty Ltd.  

The SCONI nickel-cobalt and scandium “Tri-Metal” Project is 100% owned by Metallica Minerals. SCONI is located approximately 3 hours north-west of Townsville. The SCONI project is a unique project which requires strategic partners to fully implement a new and exciting critical metals market.   

The Board and Management of Metallica Minerals backed by the Company’s major shareholders remain committed to unlocking the value of our projects.

Metallica Minerals was established in 1997 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2004.